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Spectralight QC Lighting Booth
Spectralight QC Lighting Booth
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The illumination technology used by SpectraLight QC is superior to any lightbooth on the market. It’s one instrument that can meet practically any specification, thanks to the number of light sources it features—more than any other product, including Daylight, Incandescent “A,” Horizon, three fluorescent (choice of any combination of CWF, U30, U35, and TL84), and UVa. Integrated light sensors provide real-time digital output of fluorescent lamp lux, which can be set by the operator to meet industry standards such as ASTM and AATCC Evaluation Procedure 9: Visual Evaluation of Color Difference of Textiles is aligned with ASTM Standard D1729 Standard Practice for Visual Appraisal of Colors and Color Difference of Diffusely-Illuminated Opaque Materials. Its closed-loop fluorescent lamp control allows operators to move from one light source to the next without having to wait for a required warm-up time. The same sensors and electronics ensure that all fluorescent lamps are controlled in real time to maintain precise lux over the life of the lamp. SpectraLight QC also provides factory-calibrated UV, and allows the user the ability to adjust the amount of UV based on the needs of the sample based on their application.

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