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Munsell Colour Tolerance Standards

Munsell Custom Colour Tolerance Chart

Used to improve colour quality control among buyers and suppliers, these are ideal for multi-component products manufactured in different geographic locations. Designed to reduce time and materials and accelerate time-to-market, the tolerance sets provide a visual criteria for evaluating finished goods.

The Color Tolerance Set shows the target colour plus acceptable limits held in tolerance around the ideal or centroid colour. You determine the tolerance limits and criteria for communicating the tolerances. The tolerance limits are all defined as being a Light, Dark, Red, Green, Blue or Yellow limit when compared to the target colour.

The different types of Color Tolerance Sets are defined by the number of limits that are incorporated into the Color Tolerance Set. So a seven-step Color Tolerance Set would have a target colour plus a Light limit, Dark limit, Red limit, Green limit, Blue limit and Yellow limit.

The Color Tolerance Sets are available in four configurations:

  • Three-Step = target + two limits
  • Seven-Step = target + six limits
  • Nine-Step = target + six limits + two gloss levels
  • Ten-Step = target + six limits + three gloss levels

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