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Munsell Colour Control Panels

Munsell Custom Colour Panel - Metallic, Smooth, Textured

For precise colour communication, specification, and visual evaluation, this option provides a physical standard for the communication and specification of colour and appearance to your vendors and raw materials suppliers. They are available in variations of 3” x 5” formats or custom sizes.

  • The single-colour control panel represents the master standard or specific target colour. It provides a reference for visual assessment or a target for colour matching with an instrument-based colour system.
  • The two-step painted panel represents either of a min/max tolerance range for two colours or an appearance standard for a single colour at two gloss levels. For visual assessment of products with wider tolerances, the threestep painted panel includes the target colour plus two tolerance limits.

Each labeled panel is packaged in a light-proof envelope with the notation and data needed to ensure accurate colour reproduction. Color control panels can be produced in a variety of painted substrates or textured surfaces. They are also available in a washable form for applications requiring a more durable, cleanable surface, such as food applications.

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